Introducing The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation (EVFCF)

Our economy is worsening, we are within a large sink hole where other countries may be deeper than we are but we are trying hard to make a recovery. Our President Barack Obama and his Vice President Joe Biden are both concerned about our economy and daily are going through the changes of policy to cope with much of the problems affecting Home Owners, Automakers, and Banks. There is a extreme to this which makes it a fundamental problem to all solutions that can affect the economy instantly, including everything I am doing here with My Plans and this Project. I began working on this Project before the matters began getting drastically severe, now I am beginning to have doubts that American’s are ready to reshape their future over their past vehicle purchases but I am hopeful that they can get out of the depressing situation and not start pill popping and thinking to the point of having to recover their minds & bodies instead of working on their immediate assets. What must do is to build from the ground floor up and what all other business aspects must do is to try to shrink their high aptitudes for their objectives to keep from going bust. It is not a balancing act, has yet to get off the ground with substantial donations to make it entirely possible everywhere but I have started the process of Introduction and making it known in Government that this Plan needs recommendations and support to meet with Consumer’s needs. It is not like we are out of oil or other alternative fuels, being low on capital for banks to lend is just one small aspect to the economic issues we are drowning in. Wall Street is colliding the markets almost as fast as those bankrupt and still claiming bonuses of 60% and that is unfair to the rest of America. If I were President Obama, placing a freeze on top executive bonuses or decrease the amounts to 10-12% not 60% as it is pay upgrades that is a foul aptitude, if a bonus should be considered it should be a requirement to be authorized or denied by the a government authority. The only contract they have to doing business in America is their license which does not give them a right to to achieve their goal and earn profits by hiding the to appear later for their Pay Increases and penalizing them takes that route to end up having their pulled. This project is hanging in limbo so be patient please.


I have worked towards allocating a few scenarios for illustrating this Foundation and to show how it would work under several circumstances. The main concern I gave this was the design factor for the vehicle, we actually need at least 100 employees to work on all automobile designs of the past so to have the documentation to produce what is needed to be installed and then we got planning about under control. Given certain aspects of purchases a survey could result in determining what model and year of vehicles with specific patterns in their design equaling to be parsed together and served first. This means that several mobile operations for converting vehicles to electric is possible. The next aspect I centered on figuring the costs factors, I have a extreme high cost which I have done and then from that I discuss how that high cost can be decreased by certain operating aspects claiming assets which I feel possible to obtain besides the Warranty. Funding this is not a big problem, its not even something that would see failure providing Consumer’s continue to have a job and that banking holds up. America is good on this financial argument. Bear in mind also that students can work their own businesses and can be funded for them to be allowed to receive orders which Consumer’s desire which are changes, improvements, and alterations to their vehicles and this is a objective to endorse more jobs.

Think about this possible electric motor which is being used inside a module where part of that module is part of the motor and to repair the motor just remove that which is securing it and its ready to repair right then and there was a cooling system which you did not have to come into contact with removing to access that electric motor and that cooling system maintains either a hot or a cold relationship to the atmospheric conditions so there is absolutely no addressing a to hot or a to cold electric motor and therefore no internal sweating and no freeze ups from parking your vehicle and it having to cool rapidly to the atmosphere that causes condensation inside the electric motor.Now consider a module for the rear end which has one or two electric motors in it which operate the rear wheels forward or backward.

Consider a air compressor inside the main electric module which feeds a air pressure line through the body of the vehicle to each wheel where a quick connector is so you can plug-in a short hose and re-inflate a tire needing air on any wheel and then put the short hose back in the electric module where the valves are to select which air supply line to feed air pressure through, add a helium tank and you can inflate balloons anywhere and if your into . What a add-on.

Think about the in tire air pressure gauge law, that system can be a add-on. If it is not mandated as law then if it is it can’t be a choice add-on but would be mandatory for every vehicle even those not converted.

Think about a Electronic Steering System and disposal of that collapsible steering wheel. The use of Hydraulics on each wheel all working in unison and then the possible other relationships so you can park the car easier, some autos have these steering joints on all four wheels. It could be very much possible for your vehicle and that’s a add-on opportunity.

Think about having some bad seating, you need it upholstered and you are ashamed to show the vehicle, with students running a upholstery shop setup by the Foundation it is a possible add-on. Whatever upholstery you need even a headliner, which I can describe to you how to do that yourself and save money.

Same goes for that body ding and rust spot and paint job, a student operating a startup business can do that job for you as a add-on. Suppose you need racks installed to the top of your automobile, that’s a add-on possibility. What about that exterior mirrors which could have turn signals on them left and right which sticks on and makes it a cheap add-on.

You like sound systems, a startup student business which is supported by add-on’s can accomplish that for you and even include back seat DVD Systems for your kids – its all a add-on.

Think about a license tag program which identifies the converted vehicle by the Foundation with a emblem and you contribute $5.00 extra when you go get your tag renewed on that vehicle.


is the chance that Consumer’s have which would result in their bills being decreased instead of increased by purchasing new vehicles, their own vehicles converted would be likened to a overhaul or reconditioning process and would not generate them monthly bills but would only generate one yearly bill, I estimate that to be $1,000 and have stated that because of some problems that amount may have to be increased to $1,500 to meet with the excessive overhead costs. Let’s begin considering how to cope with this right now, it only $500 more but on the larger scale it is substantial. Suppose we had to convert all 291 million vehicles on America’s Highways, we would then be seeing assets incoming to pay the bills by for all Consumer’s at a high total of $436,500,000,000 at $1,500 per Warranty. As opposed to $291,000,000,000 at $1,000 per Warranty. It is not a ‘all at one time payment’ and might take from 10-20 years to accomplish, allocated at a year each payment per vehicle is not a large demand to pay for the vehicle. There is important provisions in the Warranty issue so be sure to read to understand why I have listed factors that must be dealt with because of the Warranty, I am not being mean just being honest and protective of others and besides I must see these vehicles insured through this payment. Consider this, some battery makers are not willing to sell their Lithium-Ion Batteries because they have not perfected manufacturing them fast enough so their price reflects a extreme high cost if they did authorize it, but as a alternative they figured that they would lease those batteries instead so a few electric automakers have also decided that they will sell their vehicles without batteries and require the buyers to lease the particular batteries because they team up with charging units and power inverters.

I am looking into Venture-Capital Funding business to see if they could help to support startup of a facility so that this Foundation will have a location and a true beginning.

Conversion Quota:

Now that I got that resolved I concentrated on Team Workforces of 25 or 50 workers per facility which operate on a four shift basis 24 hours per day. for vehicle conversions has been calculated and is linked here so you can understand it. Automation can only be used to manufacture the components which are for the electric vehicles, I am not demanding any business produce anything as I learned that their designs either have failed in the past and were replaced or upgraded to bigger and better alternatives costing twice as much and that is what I have to avoid as much as is possible because American Consumer’s are being by popup Internet businesses and many are just drop shipping so their orders could be coming from a warehouse or from overseas made by foreign producers. I think the solution to our economic situation is not sending our money into a spiral to foreign banks and foreign businesses, I do have a preference for a alternative vehicle should a Consumer merely want to swap out their vehicle and have it ordered but that alternative requires that battery lease agreement and must comply to that battery maker. There is also another battery issue which will produce a new electric vehicle but both which would be are missing the point, such a battery does not need to be a mobile use battery and would be better to use in massive quantity as a means to have reserve power from Wind Turbines and Solar Collectors.

I am not government, I can only consider options which government can endorse to comply to the issues of . I worked to encourage to support Grants and Small Business Funding where students would manage the business and would benefit, students have vehicles to and need that car converted. I also designed the which is a Department in the government that would augment everything can accomplish and more because it has the power to deliver recycled material faster and more efficient esp. for sales of recycled material to foreign countries in bulk shipments without tariffs or port fees which would always have to negotiate. Insuring vehicles converted means support of all law enforcement and the courts. Government sources for immediate distribution could be the fastest, has yet to calculate whom and where to contact, ship from, ship to recycled materials from sales which are assets must consider to add to the low amount the Warranty provides to make payment of the vehicles. When all is said and done using assets from all sources available Consumer’s will have paid less than half for a Electric Vehicle and not incurred not one monthly bill and when payment is complete they can still obtain a Warranty at half price. With each year of testing of a Consumer’s vehicle the Warranty cost is prorated and decreases, there is no Federal Fees or Taxes associated in paying for the conversion in this manner and I hope I make that clear. As for employment matters, government has more support bases for employees than what is established right now for employees that will have, every state has employment laws and minimum wages but the issue is for workers and which should be a State funded Medicaid Program instead of leaning on for support.


Of course has no quota to convert 291 million vehicles, that was the total vehicles on America’s Highways and the majority of owners are not going to demand or desire a Electric Vehicle. My estimations are based on 100 million vehicles out of that total on the highways. I do not consider government to be willing to make nor allocate the which is a new Department I conceived for this documentation and is a good solution but financially and employ matters make it ironically almost impossible but the future can change anytime for perhaps that very reason. It is not just Wall Street and Banking and Homeowners that have suffered from that are desiring a change, I myself would like to eliminate the gasoline odor from my lungs esp. to convert that old lawnmower to electric by using a which requires operating on the electric motor and pulling the wires back through the shaft so that they exit the side which will be the top instead so that the pull mechanism will then be on the top and the blades can be attached to the other side where the shaft sticks down. I have accomplished it and will write a description to show how to do this as soon as possible plus post on YouTube. My vehicle I drive is a Honda Civic CRX 1991, it is a automatic and would need a different transmission than the automatic to use and my other vehicle I hope to get the timing set then consider making it either CNG or a LNG or LPG vehicle. So many considerations and yet there is not yet support to introduce a law to support this Foundation, would you like to write your Congressman to illustrate that much.

If you have Donations you would like to make, .

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