Someone On My Doorstep

Not long ago, not yesterday, we could have imagined what the border country of Mexico could have considered as important and valued for its economic response to the world financial crisis. Now that we learn that Mexico has corruption and dismay in her government it makes it substantially clear that Mexico has much more to consider before fixing the economic profile. It has become a cut and shape resolution of Terrorist to launch attacks from distant shores. I say that because of India which is still recovering from the Mumbai attack where Terrorist from Pakistan came in by boat and attacked in daylight. Terrorist have no preference whether they learned from those that think they have become teachers of Terrorism having learned much and brought many weapons from Iran or being a simple oriented outcast within Pakistan. When a country fails to make a statement, I believe that a significant event would practically demand a statement, then what that is showing is a unprecedented statement. Should we really believe Pakistan, should we really believe India or should we look at bordering countries that are highly capable to supply Terrorist with supplies of their trade as Terrorist progress to rank their attacks? Yes now Mexico is under fire in a hidden conflict where that offending bordered country may not even be a bordered country but a closer country run by the strong arm Hugo Chavez we all know is Venezuela. What proof we have Terrorist are working for Chavez is simple enough, those fellows couldn’t stay working for Fidel Castro in Cuba so they left heading for jobs in Venezuela where many jobs were available to yield weapons and fly helicopters and control farmers and the distribution of cement and milk in Venezuela. Cuban interest in Guantanamo base by Fidel Castro would do nothing to help in stopping an attack against Cuba if that was to come to pass. President Obama is limited now that a Federal Judge has gone against stopping the trials at . The Cuban leader Fidel Castro (85 years old) has been reported in bad health and near death. President Hugo Chavez, has stated during a weekly radio and television address that, “Castro would never return to public life and but would "live on" beyond physical life.” Raul Castro (79 years old) is the brother of Fidel Castro. Chavez does show honesty in having helped Cuban interest in the past and gives feelings toward Fidle Castro’s life. "We already know that the Fidel who used to walk around streets and towns … in his uniform, embracing people, will no longer be back. He will remain in our memories," said Chavez, whose oil wealth has helped prop up the Castro regime. Now we fear Venezuela to bring about a secret attack against Mexico and it may be similar to the Mumbai attack in India. What we need to do is to watch with questioning eyes why Russia and Venezuela have made military equipment deals. There have been reports in recent years that Chavez shipped uranium to Iran for its nuclear program. Chavez denies them, but there’s no denying he has been a staunch supporter of Iran’s nuclear endeavors. Chavez has fostered a close relationship with Russia, and has publicly sought Russian assistance in developing nuclear power. Chavez announced in November that Russia would help Venezuela build its first nuclear reactor. All this is howing is that Iran is taking the lead with Russia through Venezuela and this is why Venezuela can say what they say about Russia but there are limitations. Is this a way of preparing for a secret attack so to protect the borders of Venezuela once the attacks begin in Mexico. Drug dealers are against nothing but Terrorist desires and dope coming from Iran is as good or better quality than what comes out of Mexico and if the farming of the right stuff is more appealing to Chavez we might then understand why this secrecy is being formed against Mexico. Hezbollah a leader has dominant presence in the Tri-Border region of South America. There, in a smuggling haven known as Ciudad del Este, they’ve built strong fundamentalist communities with mosques fully integrated into the city’s ruling structure. It was from there that several terror attacks have been launched, including the 1992 bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires that killed 29 people, and the 1994 attack that leveled the Jewish community center there & killed 85. So elections are to begin in Iran and Iraq have closed the borders between them so to ward off Terrorist attacks within Iraq. The President of Iran is attempting to show how it has the power to wage war and now Chavez can secretly uphold to the premise that more weapons for Iran can be obtained by him as the economics of Iran are released to Chavez to make purchases and plan deeper to widen the recoil against Mexico plus import as much dope as is desired from Iran (). Iran has sent 10 senior members of its elite Quds force to Venezuela, to act as advisers. This import is still not going to change much in Venezuela, President Chavez cannot serve another term of office and all he has is the Terrorist he has gathered for supporting his past reign over what economic issues he desired to control, including farming and oil. Iran has established a goal to use Latin American countries such as Venezuela to break the International sanctions placed against it over its contentious nuclear program. Speaking of oil, Chavez has a stance he would sell and buy oil from Iran if he felt that would help them obtain weapons they wanted out of the Russian sales to Chavez (Chavez has bought over $4 billion in Russian weaponry). It would work to. How sinister to plot against Mexico, Chavez must be attempting to stop Americanism because he dislikes commercialization and Democracy which he relates as a Capitalist Empire to crush. Enlisting the ranks of sinister Terrorist from Iran may be the link to see how this secret attack will transpire, and we in America better be ready as we do have bordering states with the Gulf of Mexico and we have companies which have oil rigs in the Gulf and each could be attacked by Terrorist and for us to lose or oil rigs to Terrorist is a error we must not allow to happen. Our meek U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy is all we have to protect in the Gulf of Mexico and were doing the protection for shipping of all nations, we do not want pirating of ships near our borders either. Iran has enlarged its missions in Venezuela, Uruguay, Mexico, and Colombia, according to U.S. and Israeli sources. Iranian embassies in these countries are staffed by an "astronomical number" of diplomats, in no proportion to their needs, according to a 2007 Israel Foreign Ministry study. In Nicaragua, for example, there are 30 Iranian diplomats, with a similar number in Venezuela and other countries. Israel fears that these are intelligence operatives also involved in terror. This shows a possible intentional collapse of any mission as a means to startup an attack scenario. So Mexico has a problem, if Chavez thinks the dope from Mexico is actually poor quality as that he can obtain from Iran for free simply by selling Russian weaponry then he intends to set himself up as a military leader whom can choose a candidate for the Presidency and possibly win if there are no other contenders that could go against the regime Chavez is building with alliance with Iran and Russia. What the world needed was a candidate that could go against Chavez’s choice in the Presidential elections in Venezuela, we did not get a candidate nor the support of a candidate that would oppose the weapon deals which Chavez makes with Russia but we did get the animosity of the Russian people because Venezuela has oil and distribution points that need tending to since Venezuela under the orders of Chavez has terminated sales and all he can say about that is that its because of the world price being so low . The Venezuelan economy has been particularly troubled by the fall of oil prices from a high last year of $150 a barrel. Venezuela state oil company PDVSA, has been renegotiating contracts with foreign oil companies to give Venezuela a greater controlling share of projects. Several foreign companies chose to pull up stakes rather than endure a contract renegotiation. I am not blaming Chavez, I am simply showing that Chavez has created a Terrorist nation and now he has a dominate capability to make it bigger. It would not surprise me if Chavez decided to go against Mexico to create chaos in oil rigs that Mexico owns and has financial problems in paying their oil rigger employees out of government money just to enlarge his Terrorist options. Another asset Chavez could decide against is Columbia whom he has anger over, so much in fact it could cause Chavez a heart attack, and that evolved over dope control and treason of those Chavez trusted in militant regimes he later turned against prior to their surrender to Columbian authority throwing down their weapons within the city. How can a handful of Russian supporters for Human Rights in Venezuela stop Chavez, by choosing a candidate to go up against Hugo Chavez and the Terrorist he is commanding secretly. Israel is coming up with a good idea, Nuke Iran, that would stop Hugo dead in his doper tracking around the world selling Russian weapons which could end up in the hands of the Hamas in Gaza and be used by the Hamas against Israel. Hamas could and would use Venezuela to engage in asymmetric warfare against Israel in South America, or its ally the United States. “Chavez is an expert in asymmetric war and deception, a strategic ally of Iran in a declared war against the ‘evil empire’ of America and a harbormaster for Hezbollah, Hamas & Terrorist groups in Latin America.” “Chavez has got all the weapons needed to terrorize America, plus the capability to build a dirty bomb or another biological weapon and the ability to move money or materials across American borders at will through the 14,000 American gas stations he owns.” Therefore if the Al Quada wanted to get around the world fast they could rely on the Iranian oil trade and Hugo Chavez. Is this scenario about to come clear to your thinking? Consider what Al Quada could do if its main desire was to attack America with a supporter like Iran and Venezuela (). We need to control Venezuela before this happens, if we wait we may lose assets that Venezuela could have which would make it possible for Venezuela to prosper in the future and that would be about as worse a situation as having a President chosen candidate of Hugo Chavez. The problem with Al Quada is that Al Quada wants to dominate and control, that seems to be the adverse response Chavez is seeking to allow Al Quada to control so it seems Al Quada must pay dearly for this opportunity they have to travel worldwide and maybe thats what Iran wants because of diamonds, oil, and money while Al Quada wants weapons distributed to their Terrorist movements aimed to disrupt and attack American’s and American installations. If Iran gets Nuked Israel best be sure Al Quada is in their midst so to eliminate the weapon movement as well and that would be a blow against Terrorism in the Middle East which would be felt around the world. Why not prove that Venezuela has obtained weapon rights from Iran because of Russian weapon transfers, and I think this to be the major issue right now, without this we are just blowing off steam over Terrorist. I think we should be watchful that Chavez does not direct a attack against Brazil and Brazilian ports either cause Brazil is a competitor to Venezuela oil sales to the world. Iran wants to have more distribution especially in Iran and the world and Chavez wants to dominate only over high prices for barrels of oil instead of producing more to balance the loses. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates accused Iran of "subversive activity" in Latin America that dwarfs any threat posed by Russia, a former Cold War enemy plagued by an aging, decrepit military. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates accused Iran of "subversive activity" in Latin America that dwarfs any threat posed by Russia, a former Cold War enemy plagued by an aging, decrepit military. Hugo Chavez had aligned Venezuela with the Hamas and has called Israel’s leaders “war criminals.” He’s even labeled U.S. ally Colombia, another perceived enemy, as “Latin America’s Israel.” You cannot tell me this is not happening and that we are ignorant of it or to paranoid of it happening. In mid-January, Turkey stopped an Iranian shipment headed to Venezuela with 22 containers labeled as tractor parts. "The equipment was enough to set up an explosives lab," a customs official told the Associated Press. Chavez & the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Caracas have met several times to strengthen their connection and extend to Iran’s oil dependencies in Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua. We should not take this threat lightly and Mexico best tighten their belts to prepare or at least obtain the help from America to stop the infiltration of Mexico by the offense of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and countries Chavez has  now aligned with. It is a threat that does not go away or that would run out of gas anytime soon.

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