The Obama Hawaiian Vacation Home Comments

My comment is about the AOL article entitled "The Obama Hawaiian Vacation Home" after I attempted the first two posts I figured I best blog the comments to get the entire statement all in one submit  and then link to it which I intend to do on the SOL Page in my next comment. This seems to be the problem which sites experience that is a bad Internet Practice to not give enough characters for comments.
Cjon111 02:01:08 PM Oct 03 2009
Solitude Life Style, that spells out Health Care Income, why did you not hire thyself to serve you in the future cause government hires their selves with your tax money it seems only far that you have no asset of a resort or vacation home why pay more tax if your not to benefit for having a vacation or resort home free of foreclosures and mortgages. Hawaii has so many financial failures the court service on jury duty takes it all away from you each time they ask you to participate. Are you a complainer of sorts to decide if Health care should be your required duty to manage, are you a healthy moron like some people define you as or are they the only ignorant morons that want to think they deserve it. Least not plan the future yourself, don’t depend on government to manage to plan your future for you cause they can foreclose it, they can seize it and that is about what their plan is anyway only the share motive appears aimed to divide the population more than bring about a financial sha
Cjon111 02:04:35 PM Oct 03 2009
bring about a financial share of wealth. That $9 million Hawaii Vacation Home is one lump of money I do not need to be asked to pay a tax for it to exist forever and ever. I get one thing clear, its impeachment I read in comments that is possible, shoot for it and end this bad dream.Now with that said can I say one thing about those whom call people names. Don’t ever ask me to do it for you or I will do more than you would ever expect of me and challenge you to do the same.
Next Comment not posted to the AOL page since its in this blog here.
Since ACORN Organization required membership dues of its members its no wonder what hard work was all about in those days that ACORN was suppose to be helping keep homes from being foreclosed, jobs available for those needing jobs, rides when necessary, and above all no clandestine activity which proved in the long haul to be the downfall of ACORN hurting the feelings of its founder seriously. So what happened to the foreclosure solutions, I believe ACORN bit off more than it could solve and the foreclosures escalated, money got tight because of expensive payrolls, more employment at ACORN and no new membership. Turnips got scarce for squeezing the life blood of its membership so dues probably were increased. Is that what a Insurance proposal is or is that TAX they call a fine actually not a Dues matter and no one is a member of the Health Care Plan the LAW would be referring to regardless? Obama grew up owing ACORN members not ACORN and certainly not SEIU. It almost got passed to continue the trend so renting would have been the alternative to owning a $9 million estate in Oahu, Hawaii. Remove the elaborate wordings like (newly-remodeled) (spacious) (beach) (lush oasis) (paradise) (somewhere to clear) (lavish) (perfect spot) (sun) (nooks and crannies) (meandering) (Bright blue sky) (green lawns) (warm breezes) (classic) (sitting area) (some traditional) (serene) (clean) (accented) (rich) (comfy) (bright) (airy) what you have is a typical living situation and it is not worth defining it to be $9 million worth of those elaborate everyday things. A car on a carport is traditional, anything new here? Has there been a natural gas shortage in the area, what about gasoline priced according to the rest of Hawaii or has there been something missed like a ship tanker delivery service to fill a private underground fuel reserve so pricing is not a factor? What about normal explanations for the sun and the air and the wind all natural to Hawaii esp. the hot, hot, hot climate elsewhere when people are dying of heat exhaustion and you sipping on a glass of tea clearing the mind of everything, even the abortions and the self example of a failure in Health Care which allows banks to fail and the peoples money is then assets of a out of state bank and you cannot buy out of state Health Insurance cause its across state lines and that is your money, right. Let’s concentrate on a balance depositor that could receive a year, two years, three years or more Paid Insurance just for depositing in a bank with a required balance keeping the bank more secure of failure and why not, it makes dividends so the more people that invest that way in one account makes for a COOP that has no overhead expenses. Training wheels is needed by government officials because they got resorts and vacation sites coming out their ears and who is paying is TAXPAYERS and because of Health Care TAX (it certainly is not a FINE nor DUES) this getaway service call could cost plenty for whomever did rent it if they expect regular nurse and doctor visits, where would they liv-in? Without further MORON understanding of what a MORON is suppose to be defined as, are they really saying that if they do not accept the ideology of Obama and all that is Obama from the shadowy past they have to be a MORON because look what they could accomplish if they were not MORONS. Lies to American’s make plenty MORON’S that do not agree and go with the flow. Teach your children, they shall inherit the earth but beware their peril is in their hands and if their future is changed that they must work harder watch out crime can escalate because of the Health Care Insurance Tax and that will become their failure, remember also they have a government income tax they have to adjust their behavior to and if they cannot they will fail and there goes everything you worked hard for so whom is a MORON is in thy mind fore its not tangible MORON. After the Insurance is bought you have nothing to show for those hard earned dollars, you have no dividend plan to pass on into the future to generations after you die and they die and their children cannot do it either so government has got to get training wheels and TAXPAYERS must pay for them or the future will be a disaster for everyone starting right now because of your perception today. I suggest everyone join the opposite MORON’S whom believe in a fair serviceable plan which will not be blackened by failures of banking or over crowded Tax Solutions because the population of even Hawaii shall increase, if your unable because of interference of others not providing what you need because they have no consideration to help you then you should not have to give them a damm thing in life not even a praise for being a damm President that allowed it to happen that way to you and you will never go to see a $9 million vacation home anyway nor think to go to a damm party at one because your not a MORON your a Citizens of The United States of America and your Constitutional Rights do not have to be violated like they have proposed so you can vote them out of office and that can change things but it may not fix the future unless the right things are changed so be aware that your not a MORON and be happy your an American. Peace shall be in your heart whatever your thinking God shall be on the tip of your tongue to bless the next day forward. Believe me its not fun to be in a hospital not being able to walk of feed yourself and my father hopefully will recover from his stroke which caused his fall on a concrete covered vinyl kitchen floor backwards bouncing his brain in his skull twice requiring a shunt placed in his brain. His mental daily achievement is improving but he still cannot realize he is talking off topic out of his mind, that is who you want to pay a TAX cause he is Tri-Care For Life and Medicare and had to have MRI’s for surgery and its not a legislative damm game he is not playing around, its as real as the stupids in government planning your future and all I can say is good luck on your choice cause it will be the death of you if you decide the wrong man for the job again. DO NOT VOTE OBAMA EVER AGAIN, GOT THAT MUCH UNDERSTOOD AMERICAN’S. No one deserves to be called a MORON not even my dying father whom lost his life to a military that could not serve him after 19 years and thats all I can say about the failures at the Veterans Administration hospitals because I know what he experienced, I visited him every chance I got with my mother. So if you want to call out MORONISM start first with your damm Muslim liar President Obama and end there. I will tolerate this no longer if you want to bring suite against the US Government you can sue for a illegal Health Care Policy that violates the Constitution. You never voted for it, you have never been given a chance to vote for it and the basic right you have is that you could have and still can vote against it so best plan your future cause ours is growing shorter each year. I do not believe in American’s that do not believe in My Project Plan ‘The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation (EVFCF)’ …
You best not call me, my father, my mother, my brother or my friends a MORON, ever. If you like what he does then you should suffer the consequences of what he has done, I can’t find anything he has actually done except spend a lot of money flying around the world esp. to promote Chicago, Illinois for the Olympics while Chicago was eliminated in the first round. That must have really been some gamble against Spain and Brazil. I knew Brazil would win cause they are prepared for that sort of event, not Chicago nor Spain. I’m not stupid either.
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