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  1. Lajukiapoko says:

    I was in the process of masterminding yet another blog entry and it never crossed my mind that I could migrate a Microsoft Windows Live Spaces Blog to WordPress and so when I was told about migration I went right to get it done.
    I believe in earnest this is a good sign to start the New Year earlier than I had thought but just the same I can now tell everyone, MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    First on my agenda came to mind the name of the Foundation plus its LOGO status which I had not yet worked out so now I got it done and I can start to draw it and it can become a Icon for my pages once I have finished. However I believe in simple and straight forward design, so I considered to give yet another try at establishing The Foundation that shall do all the work for Consumer’s and keep the original name EVFCF as a Term so that everyone will understand that what I have to illustrate the Term is just as important.
    I will post the drawn sketch here when I have completed it so I have this placeholder ready.

    NEW NAME: “EiTech” but not replacing EVFCF and the shorter form is “EiT” whereas the design will be Script so that the Logo E (very large) is the cross of the T (dividing it into two segmented words it & Tech (short format) Technologies, LLC (longer format)) and is holding “i” inside its round parameter next to “T” which .

    The meaning is totally “Electrify It Technologies, LLC” standing for what a Consumer might ought to say as a accomplishment to those whom do the actual conversion of their vehicle and I believe it will work out just like that. Do I have any supporters out there that will agree to these new Terms that can Donate some big bucks so we can get this Foundation started right now in America? If so please contact me at Lajukiapoko through Hotmail. I am conveying a thought to all Consumer’s regarding their vehicle they already own and can convert, that is why The Foundation has to get into action immediately. ARE YOU WITH ME, Signup your Pledges Immediately. We are in this for the long haul.

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